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5) various meditation - I am a big fan of meditation techniques that help train the mind from moment to moment. There are various techniques that help provide concentration and awareness in the passing moments within shorter intervals than traditional formal meditation. While using a timer to make sure you meditate for at least 10 minutes is helpful. A stopwatch to monitor your awareness of time and to also use time to monitor your concentration and awareness. A and C are essential to have Full Expression.

6) tolerance - while it seems like an easy point to rally behind, the reality anyone that reads Nietzsche would think otherwise. By tolerating mild forms of exploitation we soon begin to think if we are encroaching upon the slave mentality Nietzsche is so against. I find myself tolerating crappy food, living conditions, jobs, and relationships. Is there a reward for this or am I just making my life mediocre?

7) - intention vs non intention - Buddha says our intentions matter most when determining the value of an action while Neech says the opposite. Specifically, that we have our intentions but what comes out of that is the real meat of an action. Good example is my recent heart torturing break up. Nothing was intended to be so terrible but the reality was very painful for me. Thus judge me for letting tragedy strike me when I could have protected myself by 1) giving myself space 2) being aware of the possibilities of the situation better

8) - Neech real/dumb - Nietzsche had some great points and spoke without fear of repercussion. His ideas still are challenging us today. But his manner of demeaning women and Jews is just dumb. Also needlessly ambiguous over just how much he dislikes Jews. His dislike of women seems pretty clear but I bet he had some hope too.

9) - Camus - beautiful not pragmatic - I love the fall and just the general vibe of Camus. In my opinion the fall is the best combination of fiction and philosophy ever written. For a while I loved Camus like no other but as of recent I’m kind of annoyed by his concept of absurdism. Its like "yeah bro is absurd but is that the best way to describe life?" In general existentialist thought seems to discount the need for pragmatic thought in most of the situations we encounter.

10) - pragmatism in absolutes too much variability- Pragmatism is in a way the Buddhism of western philosophy in that it aims at smaller goals and ideas chiefly. Getting deeper pragmatically - philosophy of science - best practices - ideas that lose the weight of hard science and the loftiness of philosophy.

11) - complexity - avoid decision --> in a way its better to just do nothing and avoid any of the consequences that come from failure to appropriately analyze complex decisions. The complexity I am interested in is that which involves morality, love, health, and satisfaction.

12) - Foucault - Silence /friends - Foucault talks about the different types of silences. Harsh vs pleasant silences that extend throughout the day between friends. More on friends later.

13) - Religion - no dogma - man - i.e. - complexity makes religion seem so terrifying. Which one to choose! Oh god! I actually respect all religions and their traditions. Maybe from the idea that they all are some elaborate form of performance art.

14) Buddhism - a) life is pleasant - most of the time really - gawd don’t be such a hater Buddha B) lets blaze - one of the few religions to be so explicitly anti- weed tho they all seem to be

15) run dork run - be free - let all your weirdness come out - full expression might just make all your awkward traits beautiful

16) games – Be a good lil sociopath path and self monitor as they say “fake it b4 u make it" - so much is a game, but its usually played with people we are not so close to, so maybe we can transcend games but the give and take of life seems so entrenched... to see how you can improve your self monitoring consult Snyder’s guide to self monitoring (SELF-MONITORING SCALE by Mark Snyder (1974)) Self – Monitor Snyder’s scale - Sociopath – be a good sociopath

17)games - hold back - don’t show your cards - don’t invest all you can - always hold back a little - in a way this may really help you preserve some mental health and buoyancy

18) don’t step on any buddy’s toes - contrasting with Nietzsche's will to power - this idea says you can get yours with your strong will but don’t fuck over others in the process, especially those close to you. Hard to always follow.

19) take chances -> shit where you eat - the babes we like are often those that hang with our friends. The people we do business with are often are friends. Relats n biz get ugly often but sometimes you can’t avoid shitting where you eat.

20) Nietzsche - will to power - exert it - dominate - with in bounds - i.e. git it! But don’t step on toes but do be a force a leader - maybe even just don’t look back at the path of destruction caused in creating something that will put u in a much better place in some or many ways

21) talk to yourself - rap to yourself - sing to yourself - write to yourself - think to yourself - make your mind as healthy and flexible as possible - this weird interior dialogue may help

22) everyone has a void - i.e. - a hole - satisfaction is hard to come by don’t feel bad that you feel bad

23) down with meditation - any form - almost every form is helpful - 5 - talks about forms made up - but goals and processes of different meditation are helpful in their own ways

24) gotta git up to git down - concentration can help awareness - shit can be the recipe for success

25) animal/ vegetable astrology - essences abound in both - learn from the physical characteristics of nature

26) psycho vs socio path - ones more productive - both are cray

27) paradox with in - complexity with in is tantamount to paradoxical traits and incongruent behavior is the norm

28) heaven -> no need to speculate - jah is I... Live it love it ... Worry after

29) time - don’t be afraid - watch it pass - measure it with stopwatches, clocks, calendars, timers - be intimate with time

30) feminism - gitty up! Its about comfort to express fully - inequality runs deep - share your beautiful life grrrl! Be all you and that’s all you need to be satisfied… But for real tho sex positive feminism…. can’t say enough about it! You see in sexuality there’s a power of agenda (i.e. who sets the agenda is the powerful one). In that sense, feminist sexuality exists wherever women are controlling the sexual agenda. I would also argue that feminist sexuality exists wherever women are satisfied with the sexual agenda or satisfied with their decision to engage in a sexual act even if they are totally lacking any control of the agenda.

31) Neech - Jews n Women -> why be such a dumbass Neech?
Jews = king of the slaves
Women = less than that even in Neech's mind
Come on bro. Misogyny n anti-Semitism is so 1880's. Jews as Christians as lame moralists I’m down with tho. Women thing a lot harder to rally behind.

32)Buddha - Good on mental quals - One thing that I will always credit the Buddha with was his capacity to describe mental qualities. Jesus never really got too into the mental realm, but the Buddha was all over it. Pliancy and all this listed below: tranquility of body, kaya-passaddhi tranquility of mind, citta-passaddhi lightness of cetasikas, kaya-lahuta lightness of citta, citta-lahuta pliancy of cetasikas, kaya-muduta pliancy of citta, citta-muduta wieldiness of cetasikas, kaya-kammannata wieldiness of citta, citta-kammannata proficiency of cetasikas, kaya-pagunnata proficiency of citta, citta-pagunnata uprightness of cetasika kaya-ujukata uprightness of citta, citta-ujukata Update 7-9-21: When thinking about how to describe things many struggle. What does this taste like? How can you describe feelings? How do we describe what the mind does? How do we compare mental functions? Biology and Psychology have come a long way, but they dont really help me much to describe mental qualities. I like the idea of a light mind or mental state. I like being able to differentiate between a light state of mind and a generally light mind that is able to bounce from one subject to the next without getting ensared in all the intesity of existence. Thanks Buddha for this idea of lightness. Also pliancy, wieldiness, etc...all good to me...HELPFUL.

33) Dreams - Live in a dream state - turn it on / off - Sometimes, when things suck its nice to just dream about nicer alternatives.

34) Vocals - Feeling in Frailty- I love to sing with a frail sounding - shrill if you will. It adds to the emotional value of the song, also giving it a sense of the place where the emotions come from.

35) Dating - The Best: So biological • The worst - so distracting from the Higher Self

36) Higher - More Productive Healthier Self - The of creating a symbiosis between productivity and health. There are times when we are living in a very productive want and also maintain great physical and mental health. Many associate this with a stable living situation, but what the idea that variety is the spice of life?

37) Conscious Orientation => LUSH (i.e. Love Understanding Satisfaction Health) - We can ask ourselves how can I be healthier in this moment? How can I understand the situation better? How can I be more satisfied right now? More satisfied with things this month? This year? In the next 3 years? How can I love myself, others, the Universe? Its kinda some hippy shit I know, but let’s be realistic about things. Who doesn’t want a little more love in their life?

38) discipline => me =>test

39) abstain renunciate =>^   -interrelated concepts as abstinence requires discipline and to renunciate something is to demonstrate discipline

40) astrology - reverse it/ surrender - astrology doesn’t bind us to certain actions. In reality we can comfortably reverse our astrological preferences for large periods of time, but its also nice to surrender to our astrological charts to fully embrace any insights it may bring.  

41) concentration => Fux wit it -- we can measure the quality of our concentration, try to improve it with exercises, and generally experiment to understand its nuances.

42) Speak: 1) intelligently 2) colloquially - these two ways of speaking will probably help you more than say speaking eloquently. Speaking Colloquially will help you in the work place too as it is the speech of bullies and thieves i.e. your bosses.

42 points of Ideals and Terrors

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