Oh Hey There...Here's 42 Ideas

Oh hey there…Here’s 42 ideas now attempted to be described in great detail months after their original inscription.

1 Art as Life – Art in every aspect of your life Nowadays everything can be art – sinks, tables, music, beds – why not try to focus on making something more artistically beautiful in some sector of your life even if it is just your bedroom ;) When speaking collectively as a artist…collective this view would help reinforce my personal hope that the collective would be as diverse as possible in addition to having very highly skilled artists.

2 Cross Platform challenge Try to excel in a variety of ways in art/life. Especially when they interact so harmoniously!!!

3 Beautiful Goal -> Ugly way to reach it -> GIT DIRTY Well this is to say that sometimes it can be unpleasant to accomplish something worthwhile –REALLY YNPLEASANT – Possibly Immoral

4 Cost/Benefit I.E. the economics idea – but applied to everything. FOMO. And of

5 DISCIPLINE -> FEEL IT That you should really feel the urges suppressed to really feel discipline to really discipline your self. Does it also mean making yourself feel pain?

6 Collective -> 4 the Kids I want to start an artist collective that aims at helping children (because then we could maybe get some funding)

7 Bidness -> 4 the Kids I want to start a business that aims at helping children (because then we could maybe get some press)

8 NON PROFIT -> 4 the Kids I want to start a business that aims at helping children (You get it)

9 CARE TILL YOU DON’T -> YOU R NATURE ->Roll w/ it Its Okay to care or not. Just Do whatcha into. Go with yo own flow.

10 ART THEM UP -> By Being Basic -> Swim in Generalities -> BUT Bring a Towel -> Let Higher self shine! This just in: BASIC BITCH makes good point. Basic Know Basic. Generalities can be beautiful (Im thinking of my black Brazilian friend talking about his pride over the accomplishments of American Blacks at like 8 am 24 floors up in Sao Paulo after a night dancing to 50’s music and just his strange use of English while explaining his generally beautiful idea). But the sad reality is that people need to have some sort of cred to show that realness and all these discussions can be taxing on the brain to us uberly politically sensitive individuals to the point that our brain oozes out our ears. Ahhh but there is a higher self with in waiting to erupt spewing for lava-like beauty in the form of learning at an accelerated yet stress free pace.

11 SHINE That’s It. But if you want my like new age view on shining here it is: “Translucent, wisdom glows through you and out of you. Reflective, you bounce light sent directly at you back into nature where it is absorbed nutritionally by others.“

12 Nihilism -> EXPLORE IT I get the jist of a nihilist, but its not so bad really and anyways no one is really such a sociopath that they are really a nihilist. Too bad in a way. Don’t believe me? Explore nihilistic vibes yourself.

13 White on White on White = YES From a fashion point of view, but that’s about it, unless it’s a threesome.

14 Tropical Goth = ME = Dark + SUN Its always dark when you're a tropical goth. Love that noir. Love that Sun. I’m such a tropical goth.

15 U DON’T LIVE in a world free of REPURCISSONS X 5 Now everybody! Say it a bit louder this time! THERE ARE CONSEQUENCES TO ONE’S ACTIONS

16 SMILE – ie – For no reason Smiling for no reason has been proven psychologically to make us happy anyways yo. Also, positive vibes are appreciated even by the gothic Thanks.

17 TEAMWORK -> AT ALL COSTS TEAM WORK dats da shit yo… You can get so much done!

18 ART as Business as Extra Care Good business involves extra care and so does art. Art can be highly profitable if one is putting extra care into things like furniture, websites, and stuff.

19 COLLECTIVE as an ARMY In the sense that it’s best to have a really diverse set of art skills involved in your art collective!

20 LOVERS -> B what they want U 2 B In the sense you know…that its probably not that hard for you to act that way or they wouldn’t be your LOVER in the first place.

21 Fetal Position away yrr DAY YOU EARNED IT!!! Because life is fucking hard with its death, selfie sticks, getting progressively uglier, getting less able to keep yourself skinny, challenges sleeping, headaches, periods, difficult child births, crappy television. So just fucking lay there naked weeping at 4pm at 8 pm, at 4am at 8am when evs really

22 ART AS Barely Possible yet Achievable Always nice to test the limits of what is possible from an artistic standpoint. Got $? Got time? Got Health?

23 Commitment = ***** (RARE) (5 STARS) Ah to commit to anything in 2015. Why even try? Oh maybe because you want to do anything with your life? But really? Do you want to? I mean why not be a reformed hedonist?

24 ME = Humble as 4 real Tho, Caring – Open, Thinking BIG-LATIN, HEALTHY – Reasonable, MMM…THOROUGHLY – Disciplined Just some attributes and things I want happening in my life. Latin kinda escapes me still but you can always try.

25 MY ART AS ME -> Be Real -> Show Failure Thought a lot about this. It really relates to a lot of my ideas. My failures are some of the most beautiful parts of my life. Are they a beautiful part of yours???

26 WIN!!! You Deserve IT!!! Why not win? If you want something, often times you can just go out there and grab. Its just making that analogy come to life.

27 Reel it IN,Compose Yrr Self (((Let ME HELP))) I got a lot of tricks to keep my self focused and free of stress. Lets do a spa day (TURKISH BATH).

28 Gut Yrrself /->Fill Yerself Cut BS out of you! Put NON-BS in YOU.

29 ∧ to ∨, ∨ to ∧ -> Feel it- Ride it Gotta gitty up to gitty down as they say. That is to say the odd way things happen is the only way often times. Example – Peeps Hate, but then they love you as you pull thru overcoming their shit.

30 Experiement w/ Time/NOTES Time is cool to experience from different perspectives (ie looking at stop watch, trying to remember to check the clock ever 5 minutes or so.) Notes can be super liberating.

31 Focus on what Blinds You (with its Beauty, Brillance, Feeling) Focus on the illest things and be set free again.32

32 GAMEPLAN = ERRDAY Gawd I love game plans and “to do” lists. Something about planning and actually accomplishing those tasks in the FUTURE! That makes it so cool!

33 Win Some, Lose More -> 2PAC -> Git IT -> Keep yo HEAD UP Try try try. You might win. RIP 2PAC.

34 BASIC like Blue and Red Try over come all the basic bitches that are so intertwined into the fabric of the US.

36 FAMILY -> Never Go IN 2 DEEP (Mostly w/ Criticism) Family is forever! Unless they hate you, You hate them, or they just suck. Why lose out on forever with some dumb ass criticism???

37 PLAY on EVERY TEAM I mean why not? You’re bound to win at least once then right?

38 PTSD from Survival Lingers Just trying to survive was so hard that Im all fucked up now!

39 SPITE – The new coffee Forget coffee, spite will give you all that energy you need to get up in the morning when properly motivated by some real douchebaggery.

40 RECOVER HOWERR 4 EVRR (HUMANS DWELL 2 HARRRD) So hard just to stop dwelling, then try to fully recover… psshhhh muy dificil

41 WOW…Da 1% is Basic -> Da 90% is Basic, Da 99 is Basic No need to draw lines here! Errbody basic.

42 DON'T…GAWD…U SILLY 24/7 SOME JUST ALWAYS SILLY. Maybe not best to fux wit dem always…

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