Let The Thinking Be

1) The Higher vs Lower Self – Gaaawwwwd, its been so long since Ive expounded, but lets try it, eh? So the heights of the “higher self” are clearly when we get a symbiotic relationship going on between our highest mental and physical selves. The lower self also can reach heights as well or new lows. What is also clear is that there are a number of ways to reach new heights and new lows. So watch out for those new opportunities!

2) Real Satisfaction is Real – While no one really knows what the most satisfying thing is in life, the fact that there are people who are really satisfied with their lives is a very positive fact. So, maybe we can be satisfied, content, full…

3) Some Things Last a Long Time – To me, pain and love linger 4 ever endlessly repeating and also re-inventing themselves in each new moment of our lives. Thus, the chance to find insights from that love and pain also exists. The opportunity to renew love and forgive others also does…So as we renew love each day, so too do we renew forgiveness. As we renew, do we also recreate?

4) Oh THIS Is What Jealousy Feels Like – For those that were like me and thought they could evade feelings of jealousy, I say this: “Your day will come to.” No matter how open or tolerant we are, to be a human that loves someone or enjoys something wholeheartedly is to also be hurt by that thing we cherish. I mean unless…

5) The Yellow VS Red Brick Road – To Pee or to Bleed all over your sexual partner that is the question. Peeing in the form of squirting, cool. Peeing in the form of peeing on someone, not sure I wanna go down that road while various sexual acts involving blood from a woman on her period is just way more CHILL to me ☺ - To each, their own tho…Sorry for the weird fetish commentary but its 2019 bae :) Smoke em if you got when it comes to random ideas I say, but you could also argue for developing a few ideas more and not just spewing of paragraph long points, right? Maybe that could happen in a future better world.

6) Why asking “Why?” Is Wise – Because you just get so much deeper than “What?” “When” type questions…usually. For example: “Adam, Why are you such a dumbass?” “Im not sure. I guess I act impulsively.” “Why?” “Because, I don't feel like thinking” “Why?” “Because, Im weak!” “Why?” “Ive learned I can get away with it.” “Why?” “Because, I have developed some degree of mental and physical logic/intuition that allows me to not make incredibly bad decisions…most of the time.”

7 ) “How?” → too → B – Satisfied – Like “Why?” … ”How?” also works great to provide questions to help rack the brain. For example – “How can I be satisfied with my life?” “Maybe just do the same stuff and have less of a shit ass attitude ☺”
------awareness of awareness
------count 3, 5, or 10 in and out breaths
------checking to make sure you are aware of sensations and thoughts
--Continual Rational Examination of the situation
------- asking how do I feel about the situation
------- why am I even in this situation?
------- asking what is this situation?

8) Family Dynamics → Im the Crazy One -> also Stoner/ Lazy – Ahhhh, how our family loves to put us in a box. Just think how the rest of society really likes to package us in the same 3 word descriptions.

9) Friend Zone -> Put me in it! – Cheers – to those that just want to be friends with people of the opposite sex and to the sharks swimming right below the surface of unabashed desire to have sex with their supposed friend. UPDATE – 11/28/17 – Cheers to those that want to be friends with people of the opposite sex. Its really not that easy if you are attrarcted to the gender you want to befriend. Yet is with a tone full of sarcasm that I cheers to any person that does not have a real desire to be friends with a person. With that said, being friends with a specific person of a gender you are attracted to is a good sign that you have a lot of compatible traits that allow for a great relationship platonic or sexual. So it is easy to recognise the ability to get along with a person and think “hmmm...maybe they would make a good sexual partner since they have so many positive traits I enjoy.” Thus, the challenge of sustaining a friendship in this type of situation is not always the easiest thing. A friendship of this sort would benefit from a continual establishing of boundaries and aims of the friendship (friend goals). Update 1-26-19 - Examples of friend goals - 1)ikea/TJ’s runs 2) Art/ Creative Projects 3) just talk to me while i clean my room / organize/ de-clutter

10) Neeche’s Extra Morals – Nietzsche’s passage from “Beyond Good and Evil” on extra-morality - i.e. going beyond judgment of an action based on the intentions or consequences of an action. Instead, taking in all the elements involved in an action (the history of the person/ thing committing the action, the moral questions involved in the action depending on the situation, the history of the action, the history objects involved in the action)

11) Why Must My Nasty Beard Be? Some people look good with beards and maybe I do to a certain point, but at some point it gets nasty and yet…I still just let it grow. WHY??? Update -1-26-19 Sense Prevailed - Also replaced with nasty hair for the last 8 months but recently got a hair cut sooo….

12) Killer FOMO – that type of FOMO that actually just terrorizes and stresses us out. Its kind of a funny stress in that its almost better for those two good things happening at the sametime to have just not happened at all because you cant get over how terrible the FOMO is.

13) Terror of 40+ hour weeks – Ive worked over 40 hours at least 10 times in my life…sometimes it wasn't so bad, but other times…IT FUCKING SUCKED. The 9 – 6 is fucking crazy. 9 – 5 M-F also sux enough to say this: “Be damn sure you aren’t missing out on a job that you actually like a lot better. The money isn’t worth the pain. There’s other ways to survive.”

14) All Beliefs Are Kinda Dumb – in that they are static, fixed, and not very descriptive of any situation you will actually ever face.

15) Why Are we all so Dumb? Whyyyyyyyyyyyy??? – Because people are just fucking idiots. If its not one thing, its another. Just try to minimize the damage you cause others and the planet itself.

16) Math – the Beautiful Basic Bitch – MATH, its more elemental than the elements themselves. Everything else builds upon it. Its so basic.

17) Reversing Buddhism is FUN – because you can pretty much make a statement that is more palatable to the western pallet every time you reverse a Buddhist statement. For example, “Life is Suffering vs Life is Pleasure” . Example #2 “Don’t Drink vs Drink”

18) Capitalism sorta like Nature (in that it gives no FUCKS) – People love nature but hate capitalism. Why? Neither of em gives a fuck about us! I guess the beauty of nature is a bit more apparent tho, eh?

19) Air Guitar Phone Case -> It rocks! – Luv me an air guitar phone case. They are fun, but mine didn’t really protect my phone… eh. Win some, you lose some.

20) Appreciating what you have -> Hard!!! – Yup. So why not try a bit harder to appreciate things and try to wallow in your own scummy self hatred…less hard.

21) Human vs Salmon Lives – S wins – Have you ever seen what the life of a salmon is like? No? Let me tell you: “Its fucking crazy. Always.” The spawning, the journey, the becoming a monstrous red fish right b4 you die! Ahh to be a salmon…

22) Is hedonism the answer? – You gotta better answer than that well informed, methodical, conscious, ultra-personal form of hedonism to guide your life??? Update – 11/28/17 – I now know this is kind of an Epicurean idea. Pleasure to guide oneself. Possibly related to Ayn Rand as well a sort of objective pursuit of self-interest with instincts relying on a sense of pleasure to lead one's decision making. For example, eating cake would be pleasurable for but eating an entire cake may not be that pleasurable due to the regrets we would have about how it would affect our long term ability to gain pleasure. Life is generally less pleasurable if your ability to move and other basic functions are compromised because of excessive cake eating.
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