The 25 Random Points

25 Points taken from: Well another Set of 42 Points isn’t probably that Many Points (especially when they are so easily Digestible)


2) PARTICLES -> OMG Higgs Boson, The Standard Model of Particle Physics, CERN, Quarks, the movie “Particle Fever”, GEV, Dark Matter Its also so fascinating!! The technology is able to provide glimpses into such tiny universes. It makes you think of scale. The scale of your goals. The size of your importance within social systems and in the universe. Get Deeper Here:

3) Expanding Universe -> What's at the End? What’s containing the universe? One scientific question that I am blown away by - “What is the universe expanding into?” “What is the container of the Universe?” These are in line with questions like “what created the universe?” “What created that which created the Universe?”

4) Mystery -Sexy + Danger Mystery is the noir that is both sexy and dangerous. Its like walking down a deserted street alone in Brooklyn to a warehouse party.

5) The LIFE in Writing Gotta like Nietzsche just for the life that is in his writing. Certain texts can just bring about such strong psycho-physical reactions.

6) Radical Feminism?? YES!!! PLEASE!!! ALL DAY - REAL EQUALITY Sexuality, Money, Chance to Indulge, Alternative Moral Systems

7) OBSIDIAN TOOLS - Soooooo  Old like in Caves with Art from the Time of Neanderthals co-existed with modern humans

8)Neanderthals What was there exact species again? Homo neanderthalensis What was the species before humans them or Homo floresiensis or Heidelbergensis? Did either breed with humans?

9) Taste: Health = Satifaction: Health T = 2, H = 1 then S =2 -But fo real in my opinion the Satisfaction to health ratio is the ratio you should be considering if you want to live that middle-ish - moderate-ish way of life… Yeah you want to be satisfied but do you want to sacrifice health?

10) Keep Trying Your Odds!! (Especially if the reward to cost ratio is high!) DO IT! YOU CAN!

11) from philo- "loving" (see philo-) + sophia "knowledge, wisdom," Loving knowledge and wisdom! Huh! Knowledge seems so much more about science Middle English (denoting knowledge): from Old French, from Latin scientia, from scire ‘know.’ rom Latin scientia "knowledge, a knowing; expertness," from sciens (genitive scientis) "intelligent, skilled," present participle of scire "to know," probably originally "to separate one thing from another, to distinguish," related to scindere "to cut, divide," from PIE root *skei- "to cut, to split" (cognates: Greek skhizein "to split, rend, cleave," Gothic skaidan, Old English sceadan "to divide, separate;" see shed (v.)

12) Give em what they want/need (from kip)

13) what if I didn't enjoy any sense pleasures??? - * Loquacious and Greek and atoms Emmy Lou Harris - audio 2071 starting at 1:50 - women embodies sexual power as highest form of sexuality in the universe

14) use it or…. Lose it? - wait why did I write that? Ummmmm? I say that sometimes...

15) smoke em if you got em…the 1st YOLO?

16) your needs vs my needs - can’t we all just get along?

17) Apples and Oranges - very similar - fruits, round, trees, not metal

18) creep nation - dude stop stalking me on creep book… isn’t it kinda weird to think of your friends scrolling through you shit? Like what thoughts pop in their heads that make them check your photos or job or likes?

19) this moment - forget everything else, block out other prevailing opinions on how you should act - just maximize the beauty of this moment - like it's the last moment before you die - or even more graphic b4 you are unjustly put b4 a firing squad but have this one moment in time - to soak up life - to be aware of all your senses firing

20) On your best day - You shine so beautifully. I am blown away. Other days you don't exactly glimmer might even look a bit rusty, but be even handed about it if you can deal with it. Otherwise try to focus on that best day or like just a good day… So on a good day you are probably already having accomplished things in your life (high school

21)  Normal Boy => I.E. Early Days - Oh normalcy. I can’t even tell you when I was a normal boy, but it must have been forever ago!

22) overwhelmed by the beauty - Just that beauty shining, but don’t be fooled this is truly special not just like your average 4:20 smoke sesh.

23)Jamming to write songs - just writing songs by jamming with a band but also writing songs in a way that is a jam but also different people leading things…

24)Total Unification of Aesthetic - themes in different media carry over - music, film, art (installation tho), writing

25)Love as  inward/outward - loving outward the accomplishments in Buddhism is mudita - loving as a wishing well is metta - loving as an intimate connection that ain't shit cept love - which Buddhists don't really define in the original texts at least :p  I saw just call loving inward - Larting and loving outward -edging

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